Growing your hair longer, reality or fiction

Growing your hair longer, reality or fiction

If you scour the web long enough, you’ll realize 1,000,000 articles telling you ways to grow your hair longer, or grow your hair quicker. Its looks we've AN obsession with it, and I’m not excluded. Thus, this net site!

That said, a number of the things you browse on-line concerning growing hair, well, it's reality or Fiction?

Have you detected any of those concepts, or does one have thoughts on these? Leave a comment below! i'll leave my comments and you're absolve to disagree or agree, these square measure solely my thoughts!


Do any of those work to grow hair?

1) Trim your hair

Many articles can insist that you simply ought to trim your hair each 6-8 weeks. That this somehow can as if by magic create your hair grow. it's going to create your hair look healthier, however I still don’t see however trimming your hair really makes it grow. Am I missing something?

2) Use egg whites

This is AN old skool one, going back to middle school. Wash your hair with egg whites (or rinse with beer) to form your hair grow. The albumen issue can’t hurt, right, as you’re depositing supermolecule onto the hair, however the method ANd smell of smashing an egg over my head is simply not appealing. perhaps I’m missing something!

3) Drink plenty of water

This is variety of a no brainer. The body is created from principally water, therefore it’s an honest plan to drink plenty of water to form everything run swimmingly, together with growing your hair. I doubt water alone goes to form you grow locks like Rapunzel, however it is smart to Maine.

4) Avoid heat, like blow drying and curling

Yes, heat is dangerous. We know it. Bad. Bad. Bad. Applying heat to the hair damages it. It’s best to limit the warmth you place on your head, however, it's super phantasmagorical to suppose that folks can ne'er got to blow dry their hair or need to twist it. Some articles virtually cause you to desire a wrongdoer for blow drying your hair. My hair stylist wont to raise, “Well, square measure you blow drying your hair?” yea, obviously, I don’t have enough time before work to let it air dry.

In my state of affairs, drop-off the utilization of flat irons and curling irons has helped my hair grow, i do know that. however to mention you'll be able to ne'er blow dry your hair is crazy.

5) Take vitamins

This is one I undoubtedly believe, as vitamins square measure simply smart for the body generally. I take vitamin H, that i feel helps with my skin and nails and hair, however it’s not a cure. By any means that. I had fantasies of having the ability to require a bunch of vitamin H and see my hair grow like hell, however it didn’t happen that means.
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